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Editorial: Holiday Season Anna Yeatts

For some, holidays conjure up Norman Rockwell-like images of a cozy family gathered around a perfectly trimmed tree while basking in the warmth of their good life. But for others, the holidays are complicated. Memories and expectations mix with something darker of which we do not speak—at least not openly—but it’s there, all along, beneath the edges. 

While it’s easy for holiday stories to slip over the edge of sweet and into the saccharine, “The Tree Hunt” by Marissa James manages to walk the fine line between fond holiday memories and the sharper edges beneath the tinsel.

Whether the distance separating us from a loved one is arm’s length or lightyears, relationships are never easy to gauge. In “The Space Between Us” by Emmie Christie, a long-haul truck driver possesses an uncanny ability to gauge the distance between things. But what happens when the distance between is measured, not in physical degrees, but in the complicated dimensions of the human heart?

“Distant Fire of Winter Stars” by Jonathan Louis Duckworth is one man’s struggle to survive against the elements. But it’s also a poignant look at the relationship between father and son. In a story full of loss and longing, only time can heal. 

“The Birthday” by Mike McCormick, which first appeared in Flash Fiction Online’s February 2013 issue, beautifully encapsulates the complicated dynamics of family—and our urge to fix the ones we love.

Finally, this month’s Flash Fiction Flashback features an interview with FFO author Kate Heartfield about “Hairbrush, Socks, Pencils, Orange.” And be sure to check out the story itself from Issue #15 (December 2014).


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© Anna Yeatts

Meet the Author

Anna Yeatts

Anna Yeatts

Anna Yeatts is the Publisher of Flash Fiction Online. Since Flash Fiction Online is a free magazine, she spends a great deal of time over at Patreon, trying to drum up enough money to keep a free magazine in business. But she appreciates all the readers and supporters (including the world’s most amazing staff of editors and slush readers) who make FFO a reality every month.  Anna writes in that nebulous overlap between genre and literary works where offbeat, surreal stories are born. Her short stories appear in Cicada, Daily Science Fiction, Mslexia, Drabblecast, PodCastle, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Penumbra among other publications. When not writing, Anna wrangles two wonderful children, two matching cats, and a German Shepherd who doesn’t believe in weekends. Follow her at Patreon or on YouTube.

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