Editorial: The Veil of Shadows – Redefining Monsters in Dark Fantasy

October—a month where the veil between worlds seems thinnest, and creatures of night draw closer to our world. In this issue, we pull back the curtain on what lurks in the darkness, but with a twist. Instead of traditional monsters, we focus on those that challenge conventions, defy our expectations, and, perhaps, aren’t monsters at all.

In this shadow-draped issue, you’ll uncover:

  • To Slay a Goblin by Dylan Curry: Jump into a fast-paced adventure where goblin slaying turns into a lucrative business. With a voice that’s as sharp as a goblin’s blade, this tale promises fun with every turn of the page.

  • The Constellations of Daughter Death by Lyndsey Croal: Traverse the ethereal realms of the underworld with Death’s very own daughter. This tale radiates hope and beauty, even in the darkest of settings.

  • Saint Woad and Sister Welwitshcia by Katy Boyer: A village’s fate lies in the hues of deadly dyes. Drawing inspiration from real-life tragedies like the Radium Girls and arsenic dresses, this story stitches the historical with the fantastical.

  • Ursula the Monster by Chelsea Sutton (Reprint from Orca Literary, Summer 2022): A darkly humorous tale centered around a unique Halloween creature. Rich in voice and character, it’s sure to captivate and, perhaps, make you chuckle amidst the chills.

Anna Yeatts
Publisher & Co-Editor-in-Chief