Editorial: Persistence

Welcome to Flash Fiction Online’s 104th issue.

Our stories this month have protagonists whose circumstances, status, and identity create the conflict and tension driving the story. After all, the experience—actually, the privilege!–of choosing one’s own path in life is hardly universal. Our protagonists solve problems in their own unique ways, they persist, and they maintain their sense of self. All of our stories gave me hope in one way or another. Something we all need in the world today.

Our first story, Upper Bout by Lindz Mcleod concerns a determined protagonist who fights to remain true to himself, despite the odds.

How does one survive the past, present, and future? Peach Child, Woman, Stone by Dafydd McKimm reveals a unique solution.

We loved the poignant friendship and banter in Bad Taste, Bad Luck.  Rosalind Helsinger perfectly captures that feeling of being on the open road, with the kitschy tourist attractions and seemingly inevitable car issues.

What Is Yours Is Yours by K-Ming Chang is an unforgettable and lyrical exploration of identity and the struggle to survive in new lands