Finding Hope

On a personal level, this has been a challenging year. It’s not something I like to talk about. Or even want to talk about, much less share the details in an editorial. I learned a lot about sadness and regret, but ultimately I learned the most about what hope feels like. It didn’t come in the way I expected–wrapped up in a sweet box with a bow on top and a candied well-wishing. I found it in the backyard one day, not too long ago. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, one that went all the way down into my belly, and I smelled it–like freshly baked lemon cookies and blue skies and my children’s sweaty hair after a day in the sun.

Yes, my future is still uncertain. It is for all of us. But I’m learning hope comes in unexpected places–a stranger’s generosity in donating a few more dollars a month to keeping this little magazine alive, a staff who believes in what we do here at Flash Fiction Online, friends who can see past all the weirdness life throws in our path and merely say, “I’m here.” And for all of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Creation” by Sara Norja is a haunting Faerie tale of a creature tasked to build a castle of despair. But what he finds in the ruins is more than he ever expected.

Marina J. Lostetter returns to FFO with “You Are Not a Metaphor,” a dark yet beautiful story about a disease that robs the individual of their identity. If love means putting the other person’s needs ahead of your own, this story is a true testament to what that means.

Originally published in Crossed Genres, we’re delighted to bring you Rachael K. Jones’s “Mamihlapinatapei,” a dinosaur story we couldn’t resist. With a name like “Mamihlapinatapei,” it’s not a stretch to say language is a powerful tool in identifying and processing the world around us. But what exactly is the worth of naming how the heart feels?

In our final story, an original time travel caper from Benjamin C. Kinney, “The Time Cookie Wars,” friendship goes astray when tested by a box of Milano cookies. If you’ve ever hidden your cookie stash in the frozen broccoli box to keep your roommate from eating them all, this is the story for you.

Don’t miss Jason S. Ridler’s latest installment of FXXK WRITING: The Glom of Doom. He may not be tossing around sunshine and roses over there in his column, but Jason knows his stuff. He’s been in the trenches and back. Go check it out.

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Thanks for being here.

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