In This Issue

We have two excellent stories this month by published (and oft-published!) writers: Beth Cato offers a light fantasy about “213 Myrtle Street,” and Bruce Holland Rogers offers his story of “How We Met.” They’re both relationship stories, in their ways.

And yes, you noticed that Bruce Holland Rogers has returned to our pages. After an extended hiatus, he’s going to resume his column, Technically Speaking, in an upcoming issue — perhaps even May. We look forward to receiving more of his insights. If you’re a writer who hasn’t read his previous columns about short-short fiction, I highly recommend that you check out his author page and mine the treasure trove you’ll find there.

Our Classic Flash is an odd one, a story called, “Familiar Epistle from a Parent to a Child Aged Two Years and Two Months,” from none other than Charles Dickens. I always think of him as being… hrmmm… a bit long-winded, so it’s interesting to see his flash-length stories. (We published another one a while back, called “The Artful Touch”.)

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Until next month!