The Door

TRANSCRIPT OF VOICEMAIL BOX: Joselin Rose Clark.  329.501.1225

ORIGINAL DATE: Fri, Dec 21, 2018

INCIDENT NO. 056-0004584-12(DB)

FILE CLASS: 50006       TRANSCRIBER: NW, #49453

[Transcript Begins]


Hey Josie, it’s Henry. Just making sure you’re okay. I don’t know how bad it was for you, or if you even felt it, but I’d say that had to be at least a seven. Books and dishes are everywhere. Still have power though, so that’s good. Nothing on the news yet. Anyhow, just give me a call back. Or a text or whatever.


Hey Josie, still nothing on the news. I’m wondering if maybe it was just something local, like a gas line exploding or something. I saw some neighbors walking around in the street. I thought about going out there too, but… you know… anyhow, call me back.


Josie, Henry. Not to be panicky and all Mom about it, but I wish you would give me a call back. Something just isn’t right. I can’t find anything online about what happened. One of the neighbors got in his car and took off down the street like a crazy person. Almost hit a little girl… she looks okay though. The cat is acting strange. She keeps pawing at the air. I dunno. It’s weird. Okay, so give me a call.


Josie. Me again. Okay. Just-


Josie. I got cut off. Signal sounds weird and the air is looking kinda green. I bet it was a gas thing and now more is leaking out. No one’s on the street now. The furnace is making a humming noise. I’m going to go turn it off just to be safe.


Josie. [unintelligible] the basement. I don’t know if you can hear. There’s a door, Josie. A door in the wall. I’ve lived here twelve years and now there’s just a fucking door that wasn’t there before.. It’s uh… [unintelligible] with a big handle right in the middle. What the fuck is happening? Is this the gas? I don’t… [unintelligible]… too weird, Josie. I’m going to try and leave.


Hey Josie. I didn’t leave. I tried, but… Princess went in the basement when I came up. I’ve been trying to call her. She’s meowing. I don’t know. I want to shut the door but then she’d be… I think the humming is getting louder.


[static] Josie… [unintelligible] … ment. Princess isn’t here. I don’t know where she is. The door is [unintelligible] me. I can hear it. It’s so loud. Can you hear it… [static]… just watching it.


I’m going to open the door, Josie. I was looking for Princess, and then I realized I was just sitting in front of the door… watching it. I don’t know how long. A long time I think. I’m going back down. It’s not humming, Josie. It’s singing.


Josie. Josie. I wish you could see it. It goes on forever. It’s like space, but, but gray. There are clouds and people I can’t see. It’s everything. It’s everything and… and not everything. I can step through the door and not be everything too. I wish you were here. I’m not scared, Josie. I’m not. Take care of Princess for me if you find her. Tell Mom, okay? [static]

[Transcript Ends]