Ralan.com–Great Info Site for Writers & Readers

Ralan.com is a must-see for writers to find out what’s going on in magazine publishing, online or print. There, writers can find out who’s accepting submissions presently and what they’re looking for.

Readers might not know about it, but it’s handy for them, too. They may find publications of interest to them that they’d never heard of, some quite obscure.

Ralan (the man), categorizes publications along logical lines, from a writer’s point of view, such as pro-paying, semi-pro-paying, etc. In certain cases, a publication crosses those categories. FFO, for example, is placed in the Flash/Poetry category. However, since FFO is an SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) pro-paying publication, it also falls into the pro-paying category. This hadn’t come up before, but Ralan was kind enough to put a special entry in the pro-paying category that directs readers to the Flash/Poetry section.

Thanks, Ralan!