December Line-up

The Christian Christmas, the Buddhist Bodhi Day, the Jewish Hanukkah, the Hopi Soyal, the Pan-African Kwanzaa, the Hindu Pancha Ganapati, the Saxon Mōdranihit, the Vainakh Malkh Festival, the Iranian Yalda, the East Asian Dōngzhi Festival. In nearly every corner of the globe, someone is celebrating something during the month of December.

For your holiday enjoyment, no matter how you celebrate, we offer you “Room for Everyone” by Marie DesJardin, in which, as Marie says ‘…an enthusiastic space captain attempts to honor everyone’s beliefs; the size of the ship is not allowed to be a consideration.’ Tell us how you celebrate this month.

And since we’re making room for everyone, how about a little something for everyone?

Next up this month, the return of Flash Fiction Online alumnus Mercedes M. Yardley with a haunting fantasy, “Milk and Moonshine,” in which we’re transported inside the mind and thoughts of the victim of a curse. Did she get what she deserved? You tell me.

Last up this month, “Bonnie and Clyde” by Lia Mitchell. A tense tale of fear and compassion and the will to live. I ask myself, what would I do in the same situation? What would you do?

Enjoy! And have a Happy Christmas/Kwanzaa/Soyal/Yalda/Dōngzhi/Hanukkah/New Year!