Editorial: December 2022

Our stories this month look at relationships, and in particular, those set in space.

In “Lost and Found at the Center of the Universe” by Bo Balder, intergalactic co-workers/amateur matchmakers attempt to help others find the things they’ve lost and the things they’d like to find… like true love. With enough optimism and acceptance, anything really might be possible.

“It Begins with RAVEN” by Jenn Reese is a reminder that the deepest bonds are often the most unexpected. Spaceships can crash in an instant, but a relationship “happens slowly, one small step at a time.”

Set on a glacier, Alice Towey’s “The Last Cold Place” is a literary look at the ways we create distance in our relationships. The story says it best: “It’s cold … the chill refuses to be ignored. It’s a revelation, a shock, a force; different from any other cold you’ve ever experienced, the way true love is different from a teenage crush.”

Our reprint this month is Gerri Brightwell’s “Rasslab́sia,” a beautifully told story about learning to relax and let go. Originally published in JMWW online, 7 October 2020.

Last, but certainly not least, our flash fiction flashback features “Mirror Skinned” by Kelly Sandoval, originally published in May 2015.

Before I sign off on this editorial, I’d like to acknowledge the relationships that made this year at FFO possible:

To all of our patrons, readers, subscribers, social media followers, and supporters, thank you for financially keeping our doors open. More importantly, your passion for short fiction is contagious and inpsires us to continue publishing stories we hope you’ll love. 

To our authors, thank you for trusting us with your stories. We’re blown away by your talent. It’s an honor working with you.

To the authors who submit stories but haven’t made it into our virtual pages yet, we see you. Don’t be discouraged by the rejection letters. Keep writing. Keep leveling up. Keep submitting. We really are cheering you on from behind the scenes.

To the staff of Flash Fiction Online, thank you for the countless volunteer hours sifting through slush, offering insight, and fighting for the stories you believe in. 

To the FFO editorial team, you hold this whole magazine together with dedication and a whole lot of patience. Thank you for having the discipiline to make sure everyone (including me…) was doing what needed to be done.

 To Cat Sparks, our extraordinarily gifted Art Director, thank you for gracing our covers with your gorgeous artwork. Truly stunning!

And an enormous thank you to Emma Munro. As FFO’s Editor-in-Chief, your gentle leadership and unwavering vision have guided us through it all. 

All right, that’s enough from me. Here’s to 2023 and more great stories. Enjoy!

Anna Yeatts

Editor-in-Chief; Publisher;

Flash Fiction Online