Editorial: Purpose and Choice

There is a lesson we are taught in childhood, the lesson of finding our purpose in lifeas if purpose was fixed and finite. Unlike the generations who predate us, whose circumstances would dictate their choices and options, the 21st century offers an abundance of choices (for the lucky ones).

In my twenties, I defaulted to the familiar options. I imagined my future path would be similar to my mother’s. It wasn’t, and I’m cool with that because I am a different person (obviously) and chose a life that reflects my beliefs, understanding, and self-knowledge. After wondering and worrying about my purpose in life, I was recently introduced to the concept of being Fit-For-Purpose for whatever that purpose may be on any particular day, and that is my goal going forwards.

This month’s stories are about people with various life purposeseither imposed or chosen. Consider the circumstances that shaped each purpose and the choices the characters made. Would you have made the same choices? Could you?

In Dr Daidalo’s Kouklotheatron, find out what Pinnochio chose to do during the Istanbul riots of 1955.

Fire Organ, Fire Blood concerns a protagonist who subverts pretty much all the princess and dragon tropes to achieve their goal.

Seafoam & Cinders explores the consequences of curiosity in very unexpected ways.

In Ephemeralovers are faced with unthinkable circumstances, and in our final storySwan Maiden, an impossible predicament requires an impossible solution.