In This Issue: An August Occasion

That July issue? Yeah, I meant August. But with this issue, we move from a mid-monthly schedule back to a first-of-the-month schedule, which seems to suit readers and publishers somewhat better than our previous pattern.

We’ve tried to make sure it was worth the wait, though. We have some great stories lined up for you, including “Rumplestiltskin in Love,” a chilling fantasy by K.C. Norton; “Fifty-Year-Old Face,” a compelling literary story by Kurt Newton; and “Beyond Long Radio“, a science fiction piece by Andy Dudak. I won’t spoil them for you by talking too much, but I enjoyed them all for their thoughtful, almost pensive, look at love and life choices in radically different situations. Please talk about them in the comments for each — not just because we care about your comments, but also because comments are even more valuable than money to most artists such as these authors.

Our Classic Flash this month is by Ambrose Bierce. I don’t really know whether or not it is a work of fiction, and it has the effect of a prose poem on me, but it has, somehow, the essence of character and plot, and it’s too excellent not to publish. It’s called “A Bivouac of the Dead.”

Comment, post, tweet, and most importantly, enjoy.