100th Issue Countdown: Issues 16-27 (2015)

2015 Issues

Celebrate with us our 2015 issues of Flash Fiction Online!

Issue #16 rang in the new year with three stories about the power of a single action, a single person… a single story. Issue #17 had two new stories that highlighted memorable characters.

Issue #18 included the first mini-novel in a series by John Guzlowski* as well as our first story by three-time FFO horror author Matthew F. Amati*

Issue #19 brought us another off-kilter story by Matthew F. Amati*, as well as a quirky and fun sci-fi story by Laura Pearlman (who will both be joining us for our 2015 Kaffeeklatsch on October 20).

Rebecca Birch* made her FFO debut in Issue #20, alongside stories by Kelly Sandoval and Sylvia Spruck Wrigley*

June 2015’s Issue #21 gave readers a glimpse–or three–of insanity, while July’s Issue #22 delved into worlds of speculative fiction with three artful pieces by some of FFO‘s most-published authors. The latter issue also featured a great article by Brent Baldwin on the value of being a First Reader, which still holds true today! The summer of 2015 wrapped up with Issue #23 and a handful of stories with an end-of-summer feel.

Issue #24 featured stories that dealt with the passage of time, including ones by John Guzlowski* and Gwendolyn Kiste*. It also brought about the very first of our long-running nonfiction series of writing advice, “FXXK WRITING” by Jason S. Ridler.

As many of our October issues, Issue #25 took a turn for the strange and eerie and unsettling, while Issue #26 went a more heartfelt route with Kim Henderson‘s “Vaquera,” the second story of our Reading Series, which will be released when our funding hits 5% of our goal.

And finally, our final issue of 2015, Issue #27, gave us a handful of wintery stories to read before the fireplace.

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