100th Issue Countdown: Issues 28-39 (2016)

2016 Issues

Take a look back with us at the stories that made Flash Fiction Online in 2016!

We kicked off the year with Issue#28 and four thought-provoking stories to challenge your perceptions, including a fantasy tale by six-time FFO-published Kelly Sandoval.

February’s Issue #29 turned once again to stories of the heart, while Issue #30 peered closer at the strange and unreal, including a fantasy story by four-time FFO-published KJ Kabza*

April 2016’s Issue #31 brought us stories connected to spring holidays, including an April Fool’s-appropriate tale by seven-time FFO-published John Wiswell*

Folks familiar with FFO‘s slush pile know that we tend to get a lot of stories about the special relationship between mothers and their children, and Issue #32 highlights some of those tales, including the heartbreaking story, “Now Watch as Belinda Unmakes the World” by Lynette Mejia*, which is part of our Reading Series and will be unlocked when we reach 10% of our funding goal.

Moving on into the (northern hemisphere) summer of 2016, Flash Fiction Online published Issue #33, which features stories that excel in putting something beautiful on the page, including a lovely sci-fi tale by Michelle Ann King*

Issue #34 turned again to stories of maternal instinct (since, as I mentioned, we do get  a lot of these, and many are very, very good!), while Issue #35 turned to stories of hope, including a particularly tasty one by Benjamin C. Kinney*.

Issue #36 focuses on fragile things, particularly fragile relationships, and there we find the FFO debut of five-time FFO-published Maria Haskins*, as well as a heartbreaking tale by John Guzlowski.

We once again turned to the strange and eerie for October’s Issue #37, though these tales of terrible things take on a bit softer feel, with gentle horror by Rebecca Roland* and Benjamin Thomas*

Issue #38 was an unusual issue in that each of the stories was from a returning FFO author; Matt Dovey*‘s “Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds” is the next story in our reading series!

And finally, we wrapped up 2016 with Issue #39 and a handful of stories on the subject of change.

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  • Oct 30 – Rebecca Roland
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