100th Issue Countdown: Issues 64-75 (2019)

2019 Issues

Let’s take a look at our issues from 2019!

Issue #64 – January’s issue was another foodie one, with truffles and wine and all sorts of deliciousness dripping from this month’s stories.

Issue #65 – February’s stories evoke a strong sense of empathy, calling upon the reader to feel as the characters do, be it sorrow or frustration or confusion or comfort.

Issue #66 – March’s issue was one of fever dreams, featuring stories with a strange sense of surrealism, or the nagging feeling that something’s just not right. This includes an unsettling tale from Jason Zwiker*, as well as Ray Yanek*‘s heartaching “A Plea for a Haunting,” which is part of our Reading Series.

Issue #67 – April’s stories are about overcoming challenges and facing the obstacles in our lives, even the unexpected ones, like the “big buzz” in Peter S. Drang*‘s jazzy sci-fi tale.

Issue #68 – May brought us another Mother’s Day issue, filled with stories about the bonds of maternal love and the challenges that come with that motherly role.

Issue #69 – In June, we published an issue focused on the struggles of relationships and the  joys and sorrows that come from being part of one… or not. This issue includes the first of three-time FFO-published Beth Goder*‘s stories with us.

Issue #70 – July’s issue again featured stories with a strong sense of agency–where a character’s choices lead to either success or failure–and in which the reader is left wondering, “what would I do in that case?”

Issue #71 – August’s stories are about upheaval and adjustment, discoveries and rediscoveries, and making sense of things when the world around you has changed. This includes “Cerise Sky Memories” by now-EIC Wendy Nikel, which is part of our Reading Series.

Issue #72 – August brought about another sci-fi focused issue, including stories from Beth Goder* and Wendy Nikel.

Issue #73 – October 2019 brought about another horror-themed issue, where we got into the Halloween spirit with a dark fairy tale by Marie Brennan* and the subtly sinister “Mr. Buttons” by Miyuki Jane Pinckard*.

Issue #74 – November’s stories pulled us from reality into a strange “pseudo-reality” where things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Issue #75 – And finally, our December issue wrapped up 2019 in a tidy bow with stories that are each small surprises in their own way, including a literary tale of the trials of marriage by Karen Heslop* and a sci-fi story about social media and the “side hustle” life, “Like Him with Friends Possess’d” by Allan Dyen-Shapiro*

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