100th Issue Countdown: Issues 52-63 (2018)

2018 Issues

Time continues its march onward, and we continue our 100th issue countdown with the issues and stories we published in 2018

Issue #52 was another New Year’s issue focused on the theme of change and the new phases of life that change brings about.

Issue #53 featured stories that excelled in the art of prose and used that language to craft beautiful, flowing tales that had a definite literary bend. Included among these were a story of a dancer by Yoko Morgenstern*, a tale of a prosthetic leg by Audra Kerr Brown, and the poignant “The Hole Where Andy Used to Be” by Sean Vivier*.

Issue #54 was an issue filled with speculative stories by women writers–including a melancholy tale of loss by Maria Haskins and the original fairy tale “Eyes of Wood, Heart of Stone,” by Rebecca Birch.

Issue #55 was another April issue where we gathered the most peculiar stories we could find–including ones by M.E. Owen* and Aaron DaMommio*–and forced us to ask ourselves what else might be out there, beyond our own known world, and if we’re really alone in the universe.

Issue #56 brought our readers stories about the cyclical nature of life and the joys and sorrows that come with those phases.

Issue #57 was a “grab bag” of sorts, with stories from across all genres and tones, which will make you cry and smile at the same time, including a musical tale by Rebecca Birch.

Issue #58 featured tales of freedom: the desire for freedom, the fight for freedom, and what freedom–and autonomy–truly means. It includes a fairy tale retelling by Hayley Stone*, a slipstream fantasy by Allison Mulder, and the somewhat surrealist “Gathering” Jonathan Louis Duckworth.

Issue #59 was unique issue. This one pulled some of our editorial team’s favorites from our archives and republished them so that they could be enjoyed by our newer readers, who may not have caught them the first time around.

Issue #60 returned to publish original stories on one of our favorite themes: food!

Issue #61 veered into the weird with some strange fiction that took somewhat everyday elements (apes, superheroes, etc) and gave them a fresh spin.

Issue #62‘s title list contains some of our shortest titles, but they each pack a strong emotional punch.

Issue #63 was our final issue of 2018, and featured stories of people seeking refuge, including one by Holly Schofield*

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