Editorial: A Better Tomorrow

This issue completes my first year of editing Flash Fiction Online. Wow. In between learning the EIC job, I had major surgery and turned 60. Through it all, I’ve been supported by the wonderful team at FFO, my found-family and my always-family. I am lucky and grateful.

For a long time, I’d have sworn blue that all I wanted or needed was to write my own stories. The last twelve months showed me that I don’t just like editing stories; I love the challenge of each story’s unique puzzle and love it even more when I’m working with an author on their story. A sweet reminder that “change is the only constant in life” (Heraclitus, Greek philosopher) and in stories, I’d argueWhether it’s a eureka moment, an epiphany, a chuckle, or a gasp— change (in one way or another) is the catalyst.

Do you want to know why Grandmother’s throat shines like firefly juice? Read “The Carousel” by Eliza Gilbert.

“Facts about Alligators and Broken Hearts” by Jacqueline Parker is about beautiful predators, oranges, and broken hearts.

If everything really is connected, then the connections between a slagheap of sorrow, penguins, and tofu might not surprise you. Read “For The Penguins” by Gary Priest.

“An Act of Consumption, In Two Parts” by Michelle Muenzler is our reprint this month. What could possibly go wrong in a basement full of squirming letters and talking spiders?

A special thanks to Anna Yeatts for keeping the magazine afloat and free to read.

A huge thank you to our subscribers and patrons, without whom we wouldn’t continue because we’d either have to stop paying authors or stop being free.

We wish all our readers a year filled with peace, hope, and inspiration.