100th Issue Countdown: Issues 40-51 (2017)

2017 Issues

What did 2017 have in store for FFO? More brief, bold, and beautiful fiction, of course!

Issue #40 rang in the new year with stories of contemplation and regret — those “what if?” questions that nag at the heart, including a heartbreaking story by Edward Ashton* about a no-win situation.

Issue #41 was another February “love” issue, though these aren’t your typical romance stories, and you may not find the happy endings you’d expect.

Issue #42 took a dive into horror, with four stories that are sure to give you chills, including a fierce story by Barbara Barnett that pushes back against horror tropes, as well as the delightfully bizarre “To Comfort the Headless Child” by Matthew F. Amati.

Issue #43 was one for our humor fans, with stories ranging from silly to strange to hilarious. In addition to John Wiswell‘s fun take on superheroes, this issue also featured “How the 576th Annual Pollen Festival Blossomed My Budding Career” by now-Executive Editor, Samantha L. Strong*.

Issue #44 featured stories with the theme of “transformation,” with stories of hope and despair, of apocalypse and regrowth.

Issue #45 focused on choices and their consequences, including one by Frances Pauli*. Here at FFO, we love stories like these with active protagonists who have to step up and make tough choices–and then face the consequences of those decisions.

Issue #46 
featured stories across the genres with beautiful prose, that read across the page like strains of music.

Issue #47 went wibbledy-wobbledy with three time travel tales–including one by now-EIC Wendy Nikel*–and a fantasy tale that reflects back on things that are gone.

Issue #48 was a special sci-fi issue, featuring the second mini-novel in John Guzlowski‘s “Last Man” series, as well as a haunting tale by A.T. Greenblatt, who will be joining us in our upcoming kaffeeklatsch on Nov 13.

Issue #49 was another October issue–this one with stories of monsters that pack an emotional punch.

Issue #50 marks halfway through our countdown, with an issue about gratitude–including a piece of historical flash fiction by Brian Trent*. And just as we are grateful for all of our authors, staff members, and supporters that worked with us through these first 50 issues, we’re also grateful for each of you reading this and for all our issues yet to come!

Issue #51 finished up 2017 with some beautiful stories of patience and hope, even through trials. It featured appearances by John Wiswell as well as Charity Tahmaseb*.

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