100th Issue Countdown: Issues 88-99 (2021)

2021 Issues

As we wrap up our 100th issue countdown, let’s take a look at our most recent issues! And don’t forget, you still have until DEC 29 to place your votes for your 2021 favorites in the preliminary ballot for our very first FLASHY AWARDS(Finalists in each category will be announced at our DEC 30 kaffeeklatsch!)

Issue #88 – We kicked off our year with stories of technology building connections between people, including a near-future sci-fi story by Brian Trent and a quirky contemporary fantasy by Steve DuBois*

Issue #89 – February’s usual “love” issue was a bit more complicated this year, with stories of love-gone-wrong, including a story of lost (and found!) love by John Wiswell

Issue #90 – In March, we published stories about messages from beyond: beyond the grave, beyond space, beyond time. Victoria Zelvin* had her first publication with us, with the hope-filled “A Sunrise Every 90 Minutes.”


Issue #91 – Wishes and dreams were the theme of April’s issue, including a gorgeous take on the classic three-wishes trope by Fatima Taqvi* and the heartbreaking literary “The Shoe Shopper” by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar*

Issue #92 – In May’s issue, we published tales of men and monsters and that area of overlap between the two, including an ecological sci-fi story by Andrew Kozma*

Issue #93 – For June’s issue, we delved into our reprint pile and found stories of love, freedom, and life (and a little bit of gentle body horror), including stories by Sylvia Heike and Beth Cato*, and “All the Arms We Need” by Kristina Ten.

Issue #94 – July’s stories all had to do with a character’s desire and drive to escape, be it an escape from life’s circumstances or negative outcomes (as in Marissa Lingen*‘s story), from danger and persecution, from impending doom, or–in the case of Jennifer Hudak‘s fantasy story–from a literal tower.

Issue #95 – In August, we curated some stories about things that were broken, possibly beyond repair. Past FFO authors T.R. Siebert and Aimee Ogden both return in this issue.

Issue #96 – September’s stories took us deep into the forest, to discover the strange and wonderous things we might find there. Past FFO authors Beth Goder and Sylvia Heike contributed to this issue.

Issue #97 – As usual, our October issue explored the dark side of flash fiction, featuring the strange and unsettling, including story by FFO newcomer Linda Niehoff* 

Issue #98 – November’s stories took a look at the end of things and the companions who help us through those times, including a reprint by Deborah Davitt*

Issue #99 – And our final issue of 2021–and the final issue of this countdown–comes with a wintery theme, which includes the heart-tugging “The Space Between Us” by Emmie Christie, which wraps up our subscription drive Reading Series.

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