Editorial: Love All Ways

This month, Flash Fiction Online celebrates love. Our stories are all about characters making decisions in the name of love. Each situation is different, as are the responses of the characters making their decisions about familial love, platonic love, romantic love, and even magical love.

In “Fried Rice” by Shih-Li Kow (Available 2/4/2022), “Gently, Cook, I thought to myself. Gently does it.”  Author Shih-Li Kow chose a subtle path to reveal how a family expressed their love for each other through food.

Jonathan Helland’s “Reading the Omens” (Available 2/11/2022) follows a devastated seer as he attempts to reconnect with the woman he loves when war separates them, possibly forever.

FFO alumnus Beth Goder offers a heartwarming story in “The Appliance Crisis.” (Available 2/18/2022)

And our reprint this month is “A Lumberjack’s Guide to Dryad Spotting” by Charlies Payseur. When love means persecution, then survival at any cost is the only solution. Or is it?


Emma Munro

Editor-in-Chief; Flash Fiction Online